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Air Moving: Marine Air Blowers, Ventilators, Man Coolers, Vane axial Blowers  and Air Horns available for any application

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Tools: Quality hand, power, electronic tools  and pneumatic

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Hoses: Air, Hydraulic, Fire and Marine. Specialty Hoses made of high quality material that meet all published standards

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Brushes: Industrial, Tube, Pipe-Line and Specialty. Nylon, Wire and Special order available


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Ladders: Quality ladders for your operation manufactured of high quality material in fiberglass, aluminum or pressure treated wood

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Hoist and Trolleys: Hoist available for Construction, Pipe-Laying, Oil and Chemical Industries, Marine and Military applications

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Harnesses, Rope and      Lanyards:

Standard harness configurations. Harnesses also made to customer specification and material request for any application

Wire Rope, Nylon Rope (Any Size)





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