Industrial & Automotive Impact Wrenches
Model: KW-6S


  • Very well balanced-eliminates torque reaction on operator.
  • Double Hammer results in less vibration causing less operator fatigue.
  • Delivers simultaneous 180 degree blows.
  • 2500 impacts per minute.
  • High-speed rundown and high ultimate torque.
  • One handed forward/reverse operation.
  • Thru-hole motor housing-excellent choice for production lines and use with tool balancers.
  • Great value-can be rebuilt several times.
  • Three piece housing and only few moving parts makes repairs easy.

Std. Bolt Capacity Torque Max Torque Recomm. Free Speed RPM IPM Weight(lbs) Length Ave. Air Consump. (C.F.M.) Recomm. Hose Size Tread Size(N.P.T.) Sound db (A)
3/8" 120 7-51 6500 2500 3 7-1/2" 3 1/4" 1/4" 88